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Departmental Customer Service Standards

What DPI will do for you when you contact the Department:

  • When calling, your call will be cordially answered within three rings. You will have the choice of leaving a voice mail or written message. Your call will be returned within two working days upon the employee's return and time of receiving the message;

  • Your telephone questions will be answered accordingly; you will be referred no more than two times;

  • If you have a personal appointment with a Department employee, you will be greeted cordially and not kept waiting;

  • If you "drop in" for an appointment or assistance, each DPI employee will make every attempt to accommodate your request and immediately explain any scheduling conflict, meetings, etc. that may prevent the meeting from occurring at that time. If necessary, we will seek assistance from other staff if the issue or question can be resolved without a need to return another time.

If you request Department publications or documents:

  • Requests by telephone or mail for single copy publications will be sent within three working days if material is available at no cost to you. If materials require payment, the publications will be sent within three to five working days;

  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests made in person (drop in) for single copy or bulk orders, or you will be informed of approximate delivery/pick-up date.

Internal DPI employee standards for effective and efficient customer service -

  • All DPI employees will keep their internal and external voice mail messages current;

  • All DPI employees will respond to written, e-mail, telephone or fax messages within two working days upon receipt. If the request requires more than two days to respond, correspondence (via t/p, e-mail, fax, and letter) will be sent to sender with a statement of receipt and estimated time of completion;

  • If a customer is on the wrong floor, you will either escort them to the proper Unit, or call that Unit to have them escorted or met at a designated place;

  • The DPI web page will be updated for staff, telephone numbers, and general program information.

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